Thursday, May 29, 2014

First starting on MetaCPAN in OPW program.

In my first week on MetaCPAN. My timeline is setting up environment and documentation.
I have had MetaCPAN web project running locally for  a while since my first contribution to apply for the OPW program but I found that I did a mistake in installing node.js and it didn't work properly so I spent about 2-3 days in to import the new VM and set up the CPAN API project which I didn't have before.  This also was the first time that I could install ElasticSearch and index data my in machine. It was really amazing to download minicpan and realized how much data from a long live of Perl programming.

I tried to improve some of document which was a bit outdate, some suggested modules has been deprecated. We have changed the example code and we needed to update document too. I tried to look at the code to see which module we're using add update document with existing code. I found the code is also outdate, however we will do the document to suggest people with the the right way to use not the way that we're using. ;)

My second week is to improve the user User Experience from User Interface or easy to say the front-end things. Although, I worked as a software developer before OPW program but I worked as Back-end developer so I didn't have much chance to work on front-end stuffs such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript. I looked at the issue about font on No result page is too small as well as another issue to provide more information to No result page. I'm trying to make No result page brighter but just realized that we have Bootstrap in old version and has not so much components. So I volunteer to upgrade it. I confess that I'm a bit frustrated with this task. I've never done setting front-end environment by myself because it always was a task for Front-end developers.

But this was my intension to set up my schedule 2 weeks for front-end stuffs. I think this will be such a good chance to spend time to learn new things that I'm not familiar with and this is also why I wanted to participating in OPW and MetaCPAN. Even I'm a bit nervous with the the task that I'm not used to but I won't give up !!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014 1 meet up has been ended warmly.

I was a great event that we spending time together and talking about our favorite programming language and get to know each other better. It happened while Bangkok is being in political crisis but most of us didn't make it be obstacle to this meet up. See more pictures on my gallery.

Looking forward to seeing you again! :)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I will give a talk about the Outreach Program for Women in 1st meet up

Initially, I didn’t have an intention to have a talk about that I’m going to participate in Outreach Program for Women.

Some of joiners who are my colleague may have known about it already.

I’m not so confident that I will have much story to talk about since I will have been working on this Project for just a week in the date of the event.

But I have second thought; this will be a chance to let more people know about such a great project then they can share it with other people if they may interest in. Especially, we don’t have much alumnus or participants in sponsorship of Perl Foundation. I believe that we have a lot of women who’s coding in Perl but never take a part in Open source project before. I hope this talk will be some kind of guideline if they want to join it the same as me. 

I’m so excited about it!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 1st meet up is happening.

The first meet up will be held in the center of Bangkok on May 25, 2014.

It's the first time that tell Perl mongers from around the world what we're still alive!

Mostly we talking to each other on

The main idea is on the first meet up will be like 'get to know each other better'. Now we know only current and former employee of my company and a foreign Perl hacker volunteering to be a speaker to share experience about using Perl in his old company.

Hopefully, we will get to know more Thai Perl hackers from other company to share experience with us. We know this time we cannot expect too much about the number of participant. We will set up the the first meeting the be like the 'example' of Perl meet up. Then when people will see how we enjoy in this community and it will urge those shy people to join and show how they like of programming in Perl.

Although, we have some problem about lack of experience about activities of Perl meet up since on-one have experienced it in anywhere else before but we're working hard on that. Any suggestion will be useful for us.

Can't wait to join it ! :)