Thursday, May 15, 2014

I will give a talk about the Outreach Program for Women in 1st meet up

Initially, I didn’t have an intention to have a talk about that I’m going to participate in Outreach Program for Women.

Some of joiners who are my colleague may have known about it already.

I’m not so confident that I will have much story to talk about since I will have been working on this Project for just a week in the date of the event.

But I have second thought; this will be a chance to let more people know about such a great project then they can share it with other people if they may interest in. Especially, we don’t have much alumnus or participants in sponsorship of Perl Foundation. I believe that we have a lot of women who’s coding in Perl but never take a part in Open source project before. I hope this talk will be some kind of guideline if they want to join it the same as me. 

I’m so excited about it!

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