Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Work report and sketch of new MetaCPAN result page.

Last week I worked on API Document reorganizing, it sounds simple but not for me because in order to arrange it we should understand the content especially technical content. I spent a while to understand the document and how the API works. Finally it has been done.

There're only 2 weeks left in my OPW program, I'm going to utilize my skill on a new feature of MetaCPAN. The new feature is introduce the new type-based search result page. The original idea is from issue #287 on metacpan-web. The idea is providing user search result in specific result data type. For example, display only distributions or authors which is relevant to the query on result page.

 I'm presenting the prospective search result page to be in tabs which contain each type of data e.g. distribution, modules and authors. This is the sketch to prove to idea:

I will appreciate with any suggestion or comment whether you like it or not. Please left the comment and discuss about this feature on Github. Thank you in advance ! 

This is quite a big change of MetaCPAN for me. I'm really excited with this task and I'm looking forward to implementing it. :D

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