Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Just ask away !

I was born with questions and I love to get the answers so I have to ask. I had an issue with CPAN module, I want the author to fix it or I can fix for him if he likes.  But he didn't share the link of his repo to Github, he didn't released new version of that module for almost 2 years.

I needed some help .. .I thought that might not a smart idea to go to #metacpan chat room ask ..

"How can I make some change to this module ?"  .. this #metacpan room contain a lot of CPAN  authors, sure that they knew and they might assume everyone in that chat room would know the same but not me.

If I never experienced people pasted the link of a guy who created a ticket on FireFox board with worrying about the source code was 'opened' to public because he never knew that FireFox is Open source project. I would be more confident to ask. But I saw some people made a joke at him. Not in person but in some community that some people think he's silly that he didn't know Opensource.

No, that's not a joke, not funny for me. I might be like him I were brave enough.

He is an adorable and brave in heart guy!

 So, when the situation forced me to hunt for the answer, I needed someone to ask.

I chose my mentor of the project, yes ! he's the right person to ask. He knew me and wouldn't think that I asked stupid questions since he knew I am new for this community.

But he didn't answers, of course not, this is his bed time. My bad :(

I couldn't wait .. seem I need to say in the public room and hope some one nicely who has time zone not so different from me to answer.

After I figured our and re-arranged my question a bit and I did ask way.. It worked ! I got a good suggestions from 2 people I tried to tell them first that I am a newbie. They're really nice and the answers did help my problem solved.

This wasn't my nature, no, I'm always a self confident person, but sometime I lack of it when I have to interact with people. Since I'm sensitive with feed back from people. I like and expect people to behave nicely to me. I also try to do but sometime I'm disappointed.

I confessed that with my mentor and he said some spiritual speeches. It is not a stupid question as long as there's reason to ask. So just ask away. I was really appreciate that.

It doesn't mean that I'm cowardly and not eager to learn. I do ask a lot of questions when I work. I'm more confident. I can act naturally because I know that I and my colleagues have the same goal , we want to make the job done perfectly. If I have question and don't ask then no job done or I ask but no-one answer that doesn't help either. But in the opensource community if I ask, nobody have to care if I will get the answer or not. I have no effect on their lives but there is something called 'spirit' which people always offer to each other in this community. The important thing which I think it's driving opensource community  until now.

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